• Cancelations and Returns

    If the following is cool then awesome! If not then it means that we wont be able to meet your expectations in which case we ask you to refrain from making a purchase.

    If you feel your life is at risk due to your partner finding out that you just spent 500 USD on a doll and need to cancel - contact us by replying to the order confirmation email ASAP or use the links in the footer to find the contact form. If you cancel before we ship then we refund you in full. It may take PayPal or your credit card company to return the money to you but rest assured - we don’t want your money if we don’t exchange anything for it.

    If your parcel has already been sent out then just reject the parcel when it arrives - your postal folks will return it to us. When we receive the parcel and find that the contents are unharmed, we will refund you minus any postage that we paid to send it to you. Orders over 60,000 JPY qualify for free shipping but that shipping cost is paid by us.

    Even if items are returned unopened - we cannot resell them due to bad karma. Instead we use the items for development or displays in Mirai Store.

    If you ordered something and decide within 14 days that you don’t like it then contact us - we will provide you with our shipping address. You pay for the cost to return the goods. When the goods arrive back at HQ, we inspect the goods to see if they are in the same condition as it was when we sent it - in which case we refund you minus any shipping we paid to send the package to you.
    If the product *is not* in the same condition (covered in dog fur, smells of tobacco etc) then we will refund you partially which can be anything up to 50% off what you paid for the products depending on the damage.

  • Warranty

    Each and every Smart Doll is hand made in our Tokyo studio. Each goes through rigorous testing and we take photos (they look like mugshots) of each Smart Doll we ship - a closeup of the face and the whole body.

    Smart Doll was designed to be sturdy and won't break in normal conditions. Just like humans however, limbs can break when bent the wrong way or too far. If this happens then contact us with a description and photo of the injury. Please enter the email that you used when purchasing the product and state the order number - if you do not use the same email that you used when ordering, we cant track your order and the whole process will just take longer.

    Sometimes you can remedy the injury yourself in which case we will guide you. If you can't then we will give you instructions on how to order free replacement parts. You pay for shipping though.

    What our warranty covers

    This warranty lasts for 1 year or up to two injuries within the first year. On the third injury however, you need to start paying for healthcare. This also means that if you only manage to break something after one year then the warranty is not applicable.
    -Any arm injuries will cost 10,000 JPY
    -Any feet or shin injuries will cost 10,000 JPY
    -Any injuries which require a whole torso to be sent to you will cost 25,000 JPY
    Shins are attached to the thigh which in turn are attached to the torso. If you break a shin which leaves a part of it stuck in the thigh then you need a torso replacement *and* the shin replacement too. If you break the shin but manage to pull out the remaining part of the shin from the thigh then all you need is a shin replacement.

    For replacements however, we prefer not to charge you just for the part and want you to have some goodies at the same time. For this reason we ask that you purchase anything you like to the amount mentioned in the list above and we give you the replacement for free. You still pay for shipping though unless the order is above 60,000 JPY.

    Do note this warranty only covers limbs and torso but not the bust or head as they do not contain moving parts - would be scary if they did.

    This warranty also covers Smart Dolls purchased from our official retailers but not any purchased from resellers. A reseller is a person who purchased the product for the sole purpose of reselling it. Somebody who bought a Smart Doll, opened it and sold it is not considered a reseller. Resellers never open a product as this would reduce the value and their margin.

    If you bought from a reseller because you was desperate for the item and broke something - the only way we can help you out is if you help us out. If you are willing to grass on who sold it to you then we will help you because you helped us hunt down another reseller lol. 

    What our warranty does not cover

    Our warranty does not cover stains to the body - the use of stain prevention innerwear is encouraged. Warranty does not cover the telescopic stand, bag or any paper based material that comes with the doll - nor does warranty cover the box that the product is shipped in.

    Many of our apparel items embrace the Wabi-Sabi look and feel which are designed to have loose threads, holes and warn surfaces. However, something like a white shirt is not part of the Wabi-Sabi collection and should not have torn surfaces. If you find a problematic item then contact us with a photo of the Quality Control Ninja sticker on the apparel package. These stickers are not to point fingers - they ensure we remain accountable and enable us to improve any problems in our QC workflow that may exist.

    Something arrived broken?

    Some folks contact us saying that something arrived broken out of the box. We know that the item is not broke before we put it in because we take photos of each and every doll and all shipments. This can only mean that folks from either Japan Post or the postal service in your country - or the airline handling crew or customs opened the box, broke the item and sealed the box again.

    If you claim that something was broken on delivery then we need to launch an investigation with all parties involved to apply for compensation which is a lengthy process - we wont be able to replace anything unless we establish who broke your item. 

    Folks need not claim that stuff arrived broke because the product is covered by warranty anyway. An honest "I broke the leg" is good enough to qualify for a free replacement (if within the first year with the terms stated above). In order to enjoy your Smart Doll, we need to build a relationship on trust - we are transparent with you regarding what the product is (and is not) and we expect our customers to be straight with us too.