• Shipping update 2021 January 5th


    Shipping update! Everything that we ship from our offices in Tokyo Japan is still being shipped by DHL and FedEx and is accurate as of Jan 5th 2021.

    The only region we cant ship to right now is Russia. Folks in Russia will have to wait until the pandemic is over when we can start shipping by EMS. 


    As you can see - it's very very busy in Smart Doll Land ;-)


    Most packages are getting to the US door-to-door within 1 or 2 days - a few extra days for UK and Europe. Impressive!


    DSC09721.jpgMirai Store is closed to walk-in customers but we are still shipping Mon through Thur daily - it's busy!

    The DHL & FedEx bills are impressive too but for most shipments, I think it's worth forking out the extra cash to see our Smart Doll girls n boys arrive quick and safe - I have not raised shipping rates since and will continue to cover the extra costs for courier shipping for as long as I can hold out without taking too much of a hit.
    When you checkout on the online store, there is no DHL or FedEx to choose from - it will automatically be sent by either one of these services. We do not accept requests for shipments to be sent specifically by DHL or FedEx - we choose for you. If this is not cool then best not order anything during the pandemic. We can't go back to EMS as they don't have any flights.


    The amount of Smart Doll orders has been skyrocketing and we have had to convert the entire Mirai Store into a fulfillment center just to cope. Many parents are writing in telling us how they are stuck indoors with their daughter bugging them for a Smart Doll - but this time the parents have got no excuse to dash out to work every time they hear "Smart Doll" ;-)


    Do note that we are only shipping Monday to Thursday JST as we are reducing working hours in the office during the pandemic.


    Our Smart Doll girls also help out with the shipping.


    But it looks like our Smart Doll girls n boys need more hands-on deck!

    Our courier pickup is 2PM JST. The cut-off for orders is 9AM JST where we start to pick n pack your orders. We try to get most orders out on that same day but that depends on the volume.
    Stay Safe.


  • Coronavirus shipping update April 7TH



    TLDR Summary - since April 6th 2020 all international shipments are being sent by DHL. If your area was affected in the Japan Post announcement then most of you can now order stuff again - great timing as a bunch of goodies including guys and new girls are about to be released!

    The process of ordering goodies on our online store remains the same. The only thing that has changed is that your stuff is shipped by DHL. There is no "DHL" option that you need to choose - we will automatically ship by DHL and we will cover the extra cost. DHL affected regions list lives here.

    Our shipments to America, Canada, UK, Germany ETC are arriving on average in two days door to door!

    But do please read on ;-)

    Japan Post shipping has been severely affected by Coronavirus and stuff is taking much longer to reach their destination or stuck in limbo with a "En Route" status that has not updated for some folks since mid March - we are sitting ducks too and can't do anything about this apart from continue to sit tight and wait it out. We do not know how long the virus situation will last either and thus don't know how long your package will take to arrive - I know this is not good enough but we have been reliant on other services to get stuff to you.

    This has been extremely frustrating for not only our customers but for me too. But I love frustration as its a great opportunity to make things better and as a result, we have made all the backend system changes and workflow tweaks that have enabled us to completely switch over to DHL for all our International shipping.


    Now we have more granular control over shipments. As shipping is handled by DHL door to door - we generally know where things are. The customer is sent a shipping notification where they get access to various delivery options. Stuff generally arrives much quicker depending on the location.


    While Coronavirus has affected the speed of DHL delivery time, they have their own aircraft so stuff should not be stuck in limbo for weeks on end - in fact most of our US orders are for example arriving door to door in two days! Hong Kong in less than 24 hours!

    Shipping by DHL does cost us more on my end but at this moment in time we have not raised shipping rates. I am not sure how sustainable it will be for us to continue charging the rates we do which still includes free shipping over 60,000 JPY - I may have to increase shipping rates or raise the bar for free shipping in the future so that our business does not take too hard of a hit.

    I'm not a great fan of paying for shipping either when I buy LEGO from, but at the same time I understand that the couriers cant sustain their business if they ship stuff for free.

    Some folks have expressed that they do not welcome this change to DHL - but right now its either DHL or no shipping at all which would put us out of business.


    We are still in business and shipping every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday JST and staff stay at home for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to avoid the crowds and play Animal Crossing.

    I have decided to close Mirai Store to walk-in customers for the following 30 days. We will however continue working. I just don't want the lure of our cuties getting people sick on the way here - and leave some of us sick at the same time ;-)

    Stay Safe.



  • COVID-19 Shipping Update - 2020 April 3RD JST


    Update 2020/04/03 08:00 JST

    While we cant completely shutdown by asking our employees to work at home, I want to reduce the amount of time my team has to spend on the trains. For this reason we will be taking every Friday off for the next 4 weeks. Our work is very hands on so we cant work from home. This means that Mirai Store will also be closed every Friday.

    While we will be off on Fridays - this does not affect the time that we usually take to get stuff out the door - we officially ask for 2 - 5 business days.

    However shipping times are affected by the pandemic depending on where you are. Japan Post has specifically announced that they wont be shipping to certain regions in their announcement.

    That announcement does not affect our top countries America, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

    The guy from Japan Post who came to pick up packages yesterday said that Japan Post *was* accepting packages to the said regions in the PDF *but* that it would just take time.

    I would say for now just go ahead and place an order and we will try to get it out one way or the other - or refund you if we cant. Only place an order if you are good and playing the waiting game - don't order if you need your stuff in the same speed that stuff usually arrives when there is no pandemic. Please remember that we do not have control of what happens to packages after it leaves the nest and that you should expect delays during the pandemic. 

    We are also looking into other courier services and may be able to switch to that service for an affected area. I checked shipments that we sent to the US last Thursday and it looks like most of them arrived in customers hands by our Tuesday. 

    Please keep an eye out on my Instagram for latest updates.

    You can also bookmark the News Updates page.



  • COVID-19, Japan and Smart Doll Update


    This is a quick update to let you know what’s going down in Japan and how it’s affecting us in Smart Doll Land.
    So far the post apocalyptic situation has not affected our sales. In fact sales seem to be on the higher side - could it be due to the fact that more people are staying at home and need a Smart Doll to keep calm and carry on? Oh, if you are concerned about your Smart Doll getting odd looks because they are not following protocol by wearing a mask then we have some here for you.


    As you know, Smart Doll and its apparel is made in Japan - so far the vendors that we work with here (injection molding, slush casting etc) continue business as usual and our strategy has always been to stock up on components to last us a few months in the event of a post apocalyptic event like the one we are living through now. Mirai Store Tokyo is where we do all the shipping and continues to open on weekdays from 10am - 6pm. We used to open on a couple of Sundays a month but we won’t until the pandemic is over.

    I have posted our shipping schedule in our new Support Center which you can refer to when ordering - by following the schedule means that your waiting time is minimized and our shipping workflow becomes more efficient.


    We have released a ton of apparel and accessories over the past few weeks and there are more goodies to come for the rest of March.
    Chitose Multiverse is due to go online Monday PM JST and shipping will start the following day. The plan is to launch at least one Semi-real and one Anime styled character per month.

    Speaking of Chitose, I've updated the spec on wigs to set expectations - please read and understand the terms before deciding to buy Chitose or any of our wigs - the blurb is to protect you ;-)

    As for the rest of Japan, pretty much all events that involve a mob of people are cancelled. The government says that there are no plans to cancel the Tokyo Olympics though. All schools are closed and many companies have asked their employees to work from home - this includes many of the anime license holders who we work with.


    Supermarkets and drug stores have many empty shelves. Little or no masks obviously but also toilet paper - I find this odd seeing that Japan is a nation where the washlet is a common appliance. There was one weekend where the mayor of Hokkaido asked folks to stay indoors over the weekend.
    Life continues as “normal” - when you go on the trains you will notice less people due to the working from home and the lack of students.

    I would not recommend a trip to Japan anytime soon as many things like parks and museums are just closed. If you are here to just walk around then you should be OK. Retail stores seem to operate as normal.
    There are currently no domestic travel restrictions.

    Also to let you know that as we have been focusing on shipping that we didn’t get to plan any April fools this year - please forgive me.


    I have been working on a helpful tool for all Smart Doll owners called "Support Center" - find it at 
    Its still WIP but I work on it frequently.

    How are you keeping up in the latest post apocalyptic season? The news can cause us to be anxious and depressed but research shows that stress lowers the immune system which can increase the likelihood of getting sick. The more you focus on the negative, the more you will attract it to you. Keep high hopes and do the things you like and where possible share some fun and good vibes with your friends and loved ones.

  • 2020 March Planned Releases

    Planned releases in March are:-

    Chitose Multiverse
    Baggy knit cardigan
    Slouch Beanies (brown & cyan)
    Lace Sports Bra (Black)
    Black Lace Shorts
    Option Hand Pack 4

    Below are pre-orders
    Eiji Cinnamon
    Crimson Cinnamon
    Guys option hands Cinnamon